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Dodo Webmail is an Australian Internet service provider which takes care about series of necessities with regards to emails, contacts and calendar.  It is centered in Melbourne.

The establishment of the company happened in the month of September, in 2001. The company came into being with a vision of imparting the best service without affecting the quality and has since been able to expand its horizon. It is able to include more welcoming necessities in order to cater the increasing demands of the consumers by facilitating areas of mobile broadband, car insurance, VoIP along with gas and electricity.

M2 group acquired the company in 2013. At the time of establishing the deal, the company acquired quite a noteworthy position with over 400,000 customers. Webmail imparts increasing functions with respect to an email. It has strengthened its services in various providers quite like that of Gmail. AOL Mail,, Outlook, Ice Warp Mail Server, Yahoo! Mail etc.

How To Create Dodo Webmail Account ?

dodo webmail

  • As you are on the screen which says Log in, then you need to entail credentials in terms of your email address and password.
  • After that click on the Login button then continue.
  • In order to access your webmail, click on link.
  • You can now see that you have to enter your email address along with password.
  • Now, it is time for you to ‘login’ into account and access dodo webmail.

How Dodo Webmail helps in doing basic functioning?

Checking the messages of Inbox – 

  • Once you are logged into Webmail, you are now on the screen where you can see your Inbox
  • Here, you are able to view messages in other folders
  • Based on your preference and necessity, you can accordingly select the desired folder to check the messages.

Deleting Messages –

There are times when you may need to delete certain folder. Hence, resort to the following steps for the same:-

  • Go to the folder, where you are looking forward to delete the message
  • Click on the same
  • Click on the delete icon present on top of the folder

Process of deleting multiple messages – 

So, if you are looking to delete more than one message, then you can certainly do that. In fact you can delete all messages as well. Simply, select multiple messages by going to the option which you can find on bottom left of the screen.

Advanced functioning associated with Dodo Webmail

Create Folders –

  • As you are looking forward towards creating a folder, you need to click the cog at the bottom left
  • Right there, out of the options, you need to select Manage folders
  • Thereafter, you click on + icon
  • This is the moment for you to enter folder name
  • Make a selection of the Parent folder from the drop down menu
  • Save it, by clicking on the button
  • This is how you are able to add the folder

Moving message to folders –

  • If you are looking to move a specific message, then select it
  • As you look closely, you can see a cog icon at the screen’s top
  • Now, the moment you look at the drop down list, you need to select “Proceed to”
  • Then it is followed by the folder you want the specific message to be moved

How to Enable HTML editor –

In order to use HTML, there are following steps which you need to follow:-

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Now, at the left side, you need to select “Composing Messages” in the panel
  • Issue “Compose HTML messages”.
  • This is the time for you to make a selection as per your choice from the drop down menu
  • Finally, as part of the last step, you need to click “Save” which you can take a note right at the screen’s bottom.

What are the steps to check internet speed?

  • Are you facing lot of hardships due to slow internet speed of webmail mobile wireless broadband connection?
  • Is your work getting hampered due to the same?

If yes, then don’t worry. There are following steps which you can strongly adhere and follow in order to ascertain the cause along with the possible solutions:-

  • Check from your end regarding the strength of the signal, as low quality signals can adversely affect speeds.
  • One of the most prevalent and obvious methods to rectify the error relates with restarting your modem and device. So do that.
  • In order to cross-check based on the availability and possibility you can connect a different device (such as your laptop or computer) with your modem to ascertain whether the problem actually lies with the device

However, if the problem still persists and you aren’t able to get any possible solution, then you can create an online support request by clicking here.

Process To Setup DoDo Webmail

So, if you are taking the Dodo services, then you would have got the username and password. Hence, the following information is regarding the way you can login to your webmail as well as facilitate yourself accordingly.

  • Go to the official website namely and as you take a look at the left corner of the page, you can see the login option, so simply select the same.
  • Now, based on the credentials where you have to provide your Dodo username and password in the aforesaid field.
  • As you click on the “login” button you are going to use your Dodo webmail
  • So, finally, you can check your series of emails which you have received right in your inbox
  • Now, based on your choice of deleting a certain message, you can select the message
  • You have to check the box which you can easily find next to the email for deleting the specific message
  • Now, select the ‘Delete’ option which you can find on the upper part of the page
  • If in the event you are looking forward towards deleting all the series of the messages, right from the inbox, then click on more options first.
  • Now, as part of the last method, click on Select All, followed by clicking on ‘Delete’.

If you have sales related enquiries, then you can contact at the below mentioned time

Monday to Friday – 8:00AM – 111:00 PM AEST

Saturday to Sunday – 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM AEST

One can get in touch with the contact number :- 02 8375 3629

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