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UTAS Webmail is an online email account which is created for the students towards empowering them with series of knowledge, information and regular updates. Yes, it manages to create a systematic and sophisticated approach towards ensuring an easy and effective beginning in the lives of students. Hence, one needs to enroll for the same. So, as you have completed the associated formalities, you will get the enrolment acceptance letter where you can easily check your webmail address. It is recommended to visit your email regularly so as to be aware about the latest and regular updates pertaining to the course such as the associated fees, dates of exam, results and many more.

How to access UTAS Webmail?

  • As part of the first and the foremost method, you need to visit utas.edu.au
  • Once you set your mouse on the term “Study” you will note a drop down menu, where you click on the Webmail link.
  • Here you need to enter the details such as your username for moving to the next screen. Since, your username becomes a part of your email address before “@”. It can be better understood like “username@utas.edu.au”.
  • Now, enter the password and then click on “Sign In”
  • This is the phase where the webmail of your account/homepage is fully and completely opened right in front of your eye.

How to open and manage UTAS email messages?

  • Click on a message. Now, that you have read it, you can follow various options as knowing and understanding them are highly important to functionalize yourself whenever the need arises in future;-
  • Delete (If you want to delete certain message, simply hover mouse over message so that Red Cross gets visible to you)
  • Reply (If you want to reply to the person who messages you)
  • Reply All (Through this mechanism, one replies to the person who sent it along with all others who has been a part of receiving the message)
  • Forward (When you want to send message to new recipient)
  • Flag as important (Flag icon will appear, once you hover mouse over message)
  • There is categorization in coloring
  • Mark as Unread (One can deal with any specific message later on, after opening a certain message due to professional commitments or nature of work)
  • One can conveniently drag a message to the preferred or specified folder/mailbox

utas webmail

The methodology of UTAS webmail

Specific and top notch scenario has to take place especially in order to address the professional commitments with greater effectiveness.

  • Likewise, in the event when you are responding to a certain mail if you press Reply or Reply All, this basically helps to copy the addresses of the senders and recipients right in the answer mail.
  • The subject line is also denoted with RE: which one can clearly see in the subject at the front.
  • The original mail is depicted down, while the top space is used for writing your own message.

What is the process of booking a room in the study center?

  • One can book ASC Study Rooms online through the University Library homepage. Only those students are eligible for the chambers who have given their acceptance for SASC access entry cards.
  • There is a criteria for an individual to book in advance for up to 3 weeks
  • The hours of booking relates with 1-3 consecutive hours
  • Bookings stand out to be cancelled in the event when the student fails to be present in the room within 15 minutes of the desired time. This will give a chance for the appearance of other students.

What is the process of doing Room Booking?

  • Firstly visit the Library Home Page followed by clicking ‘Libraries and Facilities’ then ‘Room Bookings’.
  • Choose the URL
  • Choose the desired date for booking followed by selecting room
  • It can be better understood as you look at the green bars as it relates to the chambers which you can easily access while those depicting blue color is inaccessible
  • If you want to book for 60 minutes, then simply click on one green bar. Accordingly based on the duration, where if you want for 120 minutes, then simply click on two green bars.
  • After carefully reading the complete instructions and condition, you can see a ‘Continue’ tab. simply, click on the same. Now, after checking the details of the booking, then furnish the following details in terms of:-
  • Your Name
  • The email address of the student university
  • In the ID card, there is a Student ID number, provide the same
  • Submit my Booking

In order to be double sure about the booking, simply check the University webmail account, where you will be notified through the email as well.

Top to Note:-

  • You can conveniently book in advance for up to 3 weeks
  • One can book a slot for a maximum of 3 hours per person daily
  • Booking is done between 1-3 consecutive hours

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About UTAS

The University of Tasmania (UTAS) is a sandstone university founded in 1890.  It is situated in Tasmania, Australia and is a public research university.  It is not just considered to be Australia’s fourth oldest college but also plays an active part towards cementing the base of higher learning. It is included in the Global Associated of Commonwealth Universities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of accessing Computer labs?

There are various computer labs which the students can use for their benefit across the UTAS campuses. Since, few labs are only designated for a certain school or college. Hence, your unit outline can accordingly help you to go with the specific computer lab.

UTAS Password changing or reset

It is important to change your UTAS password before the completion of 90 days, since it expires after that. However, if you have forgotten to change and it has expired, you can reset it. (Rest is the option which is useful in case you have forgotten the password)

When you know the password and want to change it

In case you want to change the current password, visit the below site

When you want to reset the password through mobile

Usually before enrolling for the course, you would have provided your mobile number. Now you can easily reset the same through the MyPassword Reset link

When you want to reset the mobile number as you know your current username and password

In such a specific situation, you need to use MyPassword Register link which is below:-


Call customer care in case of any query/difficulty        

There are certain technicalities or situations where you may not be able to solve the issue in terms of facing the problem of logging in or resetting the password. Hence, you can get in touch with the customer service agent on (03)6226 2600 between 8:00 am- 6:00 pm on weekdays. During weekends, the timings are slightly different between 10:00 am – 1:00 pm. The office will be observing holidays along with Christmas Day.

What is the process of submitting an Access Card Request Form?

The staff members only need an Access Card request form. While in case of students, U Connect issues an access card which is pre-programmed in such a way that you can easily access your campus library round the clock.

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